Tracking Santa on the iPad

It is just about Santa air time and many kids are on the watch out for the jolly guy. Luckily, Star Walk just released an updated version (Christmas Edition) that includes tracking Santa’s world travels.

Looking around in the sky with Star Walk from the office, there are a lot of stars and planets and satellites out there but no sign of Santa yet. It is a couple week early. We are ready for the night of the 24th now though!

The full list of feature adds in this update:

• SANTA – As you would assume, he is somewhere in the sky. Find out exactly where Santa is right now!
• PRINTING Print the night sky with stars and constellations WIRELESSLY right from your iPаd or iPhone 4.
• NEW STARS catalogues – Stars with exoplanets and the biggest stars, plus more info on spectral class and distance from the Earth.
• SATELLITES INFO – Info about the most interesting satellites, details on the launch and their story.