Stumbled on the Duo Plink for iPad at the local Target store

Buzzing through Target this weekend, we never miss the chance to go by a store’s electronic’s area. There was a nice end-of- aisle display of gadgets that are made to work with iPads. We are not talking about docs or music speakers, there are toys and gizmos that use the iPad as the brains and they act as the interface.

Amongst the group, one we had seen before, a blood pressure sleeve… we would be handy around the office after some heated meetings. Another, sitting hidden a bit on the bottom shelf was the Duo Plink. Doing a bit of research, these will be going fast as ‘must have’ holiday gifts for families that have iPads.

The concept is easy enough, there is things happening on the iPad screen, but to do anything with the game you interact with the Duo Plink. How you or other family members are doing is represented on the iPad screen. The Duo Plink is being sold as a ‘game for the whole family’.

By Discovery Bay Games.


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