A calculator we can actually use – wish Apple had included it on our iPads

We use a lot of different calculators on our iPads. There is ones for helping with colors, one for our marketing adds, one for our home science projects and there is Wolfram Alpha that covers the hardcore math stuff.

The iPad is missing a calculator like our iPhones come with. Just a basic calculator that you replace the little plastic one on the desk with. It would be nice to have a couple features of course… maybe a tape, editing past calculations and the ability to share. It would appear the folks at Shift had the same need with their Digits Calculator.

The universal app opens to what appears to be a simple calculator so we can get through our expense reports quickly. It even includes a rolling ‘printed’ tape like the nicer plastic desktop units had. Being electronic, we can pull that tape and include it with our actual reports. By ‘pulling’, we mean we can AirPrint it or email/export the calculator’s ‘tape’.

To help cut time on future calculations… or if we fat finger a key and our numbers are all off, Digits Calculator allows us to tap anything on the ‘tape’ to edit/correct it later. It seems so simple but very important when it comes to a long list of numbers and we don’t have to rekey the whole thing. Might be a great gift for our CFO to make her day go a little smoother too!


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