iPad Calculator goes beyond numbers, Scientific Equations handled for you!

Seeing this iPad calculator in action, we all just stared. Then came the rush to find a scientific equation that had challenged us in the past. There are a lot of the usual number keyboard style calculators, one is included in this universal calculator app. Turn the iPad to landscape view and your given a clean slate, scientific options in the upper right corner and number pad across the bottom. If your even thinking for a second you may need the power of scientific formulas on your iPad via Calculator³, grab quick as it’s free for a limited time!

Calculator³’s Scientific calculation bits are grouped in the upper bar that changes the options to choose in the light blue bar. Tap to add to the work area. Tap number boxes or actual numbers to change, backspace to remove, and tap within an equation to add more.

Extended functions and features are available throughout via tap/hold. To understand and see how to use the full power of the iPad Calculator³, there is a full Tutorial built into the app.

When done with equations, tap the little calculator icon in the lower right corner to go to a regular key calculator.

The free iPad Calculator³ in Portrait view acts like a regular ‘extended’ keyboard calculator.