The iPad2 just hovers in the air, always handy to see and touch

You can hold your iPad, stand it up with the smart cover or a tripod, or lean it against something. Many times there isn’t space on the desk or kitchen counter to have the iPad nearby. Great news from the folks over at TwelveSouth. We have been fans of their little folding tripod stands from the beginning of the original iPad. So, when we stumbled onto the HoverBar, we got excited.

The HoverBar has a small squeeze clamp on one end, a flexible neck and a iPad2 holding frame on the other end. Look around your world, where do you want to have access to your iPad for quick reference? Imaging clamping the HoverBar onto your monitor or iMad so that the iPad screen is right next to your monitor… making it easier to see both and tap the iPad screen. Think about using the stand on a small table or desk along with your Bluetooth keyboard. Or in the kitchen under the upper cabinet… more portable than the hard mounted frames popular from many other providers.