Helping to make the Bendi desk mount iPad arm stand a reality

So, what is it… a iPad desk arm? A iPad desk stand? A way to mount your iPad? Well, it is all three of those actually.

We came across a Kickstarter project this weekend, with a couple weeks left on the offering. The Bendi is a flexible arm that has a desk clam on one end an a suction device on the other end. It looks good in the video. The clamp opens much further than a regular desk thickness so it might be handy for many more uses than just the work desk. Under a kitchen cabinet perhaps, there is usually a area of wood to use where multiple cabinets come together. Depending on the car, it might be fun to have mounted off a door or seat area. We’ll have to get one in our hands to know how securely the suction end holds onto an iPad and which cases can be left on or have to be removed as they are too porous. As well, since it is a flexible arm, will it vibrate much.

Like we started off, the Kickstarter project for the Bendi has just a couple weeks left. The expected delivery date is listed as May 2012, which isn’t bad as kickstarter funded hardware goes.



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