We have high hopes for MeetingMaker, the iPad Meeting Notes Taking App

Wow… we are seriously excited about this little app. MeetingMaker is an app that isn’t about scheduling, we have that covered, instead it helps with the actual documentation of meetings.

There are a few important items needed when taking meeting notes: Who was in the meeting, data about when/where the meeting was held, quick notes of what was discussed, take away items, reference to notes from previous meetings and linking to other documents/data. Sounds simple, but so far this has meant using a text editor that you have to leave or open/close previous document pages and search for related text. Generally, the notes suffer or everyone in the room has to talk amongst themselves as you try to navigate around. The notebook continues to win out for the task.

With MeetingMaker, access is provided to previous meeting notes (we love the expand/collapse feature for viewing part or all of those notes) which can be open next to the current meeting note taking screen. As well, outside documents can be accessed and referenced without ever leaving the current meeting note taking page.

Since MeetingMaker let you ID who is in the meeting (nicer than just a text list on the page), take away items can be assigned to those attendees with due dates! Sharing the meeting notes and related documents is via email attachment or Dropbox as a PDF.

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