Adding the Ken Burns effect to photo slide shows created on the iPad

There are a few options for creating photo slides shows in the iPad. Almost all allow the use of photos you have on the iPad and most allow some level of editing of the photos in the slide show. What has been missing on the iPad compared to doing photo slides shows on the desktop is the Ken Burns effect. That is the effect where a view starts in close on one part of a image then zooms out to see the full image or to another part of the image. The effect, while simple when viewing it for what it does, creates quite an impact to bring simple images to life.

With the Universal app Slideshow Builder, we can add the Ken Burns effects to photos in a slide show we can distribute through the cloud.

Creating a new slideshow starts with setting up the default actions all slide photos will have. Many of these can be fine tuned at the image level during your fine tuning. The start is also where you set up the name and background music.

The ‘Photos’ button makes the iPad’s photo libraries available. Choose one or many images to have in the slideshow. Depending on the default set above, Slideshow Builder will either import images of use a duplicate of your photos.

When you have your images chose and select Done, they appear as a slide show image list on the left panel of the screen. You can go back to another photo library folder on your iPad to select more images. The photo’s list order can be moved about with drag/drop. Tap an image on the left to have the image action editor become available.

Tap the image to have the Slideshow Builder image action customization box appear. This the tool you use to set where and size of the area that the slide view will start with.

For enhanced movements around the image, flip off the default slider and you will be given an expanded list of features to apply to each image. This allows to control the movement from one area of an image to an another or from a spot to full image view. The length of time a slide shows and what the transition between slides will be.

When your through editing, Slideshow Builder will compress all the images and actions into one file. That file can then be stored on the iPad you used to create it with, shared out via iCloud and/or shared directly to devices other people have. It is a great way to auto distribute a slideshow that the team needs to use in meetings or events.

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