Elago iPad Stylus – Now with colors, slim or grip AND replaceable tips!

People have their preferences when it comes to writing styluses for their iPads. A little looking around and you will find; short, ones that feel like ink pens, skinny and larger diameter. The short and the skinny options are most often seen around folks that like to travel light. The ‘ink’ pen style bodied stylus is usually found by folks that wrote or drew a lot. The, the larger diameter are seen in the hands of the creative group that usually sketch on pads or use the whiteboards.

Elago has everyone covered with their wide variety of iPad stylus options. Two that rose to the top of our discussion yesterday was their two new Slim and Grip styles (Both on sale right now!). Both come in a variety of colors. But, the big item for the serious stylus users is the rubber writing tip is replaceable. Not the say some companies call replaceable where your expected to rip off the old and glue on the new. Elago has their tips mounted on a threaded stud so you can just unscrew the old and twist in a new fresh tip. Notice, neither of these come with pocket clips.

Elago Stylus Slim available in 6 colors with Replaceable Tip (Extra Rubber Tip included)

Elago Stylus Grip also with 6 colors and Replaceable Tip (Extra Rubber Tip included)


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