Evernote 5 update brings a new view of what is important about notes on an iPad

Evernote is an app we have used for many years. On our desktops, notebooks, iPhones and iPads. If your new to Evernote, it is a free app and Cloud service for writing notes then accessing across your many devices. We use it for writing and sharing and sharing notes, as well it’s a quick way of grabbing a bit of text off a Web site to reference later. The mobile version has gone through a few UI tuning changes over the years. The latest, 5.0, is a step away from the stacks towards a layered view. Dividing the many ways of finding and using data within your notes across a variety of options.

Previously in the Mobile Evernote, we had buttons, and we viewed our notes divided into stacks of ‘paper’. Starting the Free Universal app, you have a buttons to create a new note, a quick view of recent notes and layers of ways to find previous notes. Tapping any of the taps opens it’s view, then swipe down to put it back in the layers shown here. The ‘new’ note options is covered via three buttons in the upper left of the screen. The three, top to bottom, are: A new text note, a new note starting with a photo followed by quick access to photographing your Evernote Moleskine paper notebook to start a electronic note.

The actual note writing area doesn’t have a lot of feature changes/updates. Title the note, add text, images and audio, assign keywords, save and share. Evernote keeps everything easy to find later via the text in the note and keywords being searchable.

Each note can be fine tuned to specific information for referencing later. We like Evernote for this ‘at the note level’ adjustments since some clients require more detail while others we just have text notes to fact check later. There is a limit to how may files you can sync per month (size), going to a Premium package allows many more notes as well to save notes not created on the device to be saved for offline viewing. This is handy if you are creating a lot of notes on both the iPad and Notebook computers, then going into an area where the iPad isn’t able to get online but needs to see notes that had been created on the notebook.

Notebooks and Tag words are key to dividing up and finding your note creations later. Evernote 5 has a a new graphic view to the Notebooks. The ‘tags’ layer has tags you have inserted into notes grouped so it is easy to find a group of notes about a particular subject. Worth the upgrade to the new version? Well, it’s Free, but even if not we like the changes on the side of quicker access to our notes history. No one likes having the room go silent for long when someone asks if you have notes from a previous meeting and it takes a while to find them. Thanks Evernote!!


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