Demoing The iPad Goes To The Stars

In the beginning, people would stop you and ask about how much you liked your iPad. You would demo the basic built in features like the Photos area. A bit later, people started mentioning that they see you bought one of those iPad things that they really want, but they are waiting for the next version. Now, people are asking how your using it day to day. Most likely, people are seeing enough iPads in the wild that they are looking for the final item they can use as to why they could go ahead and buy one.

While the answer to most requests would be best answered with a demo of a notes app or all the ways one can manage their files, we are finding that we use one app to blow people away within a couple clicks. It was quite by accident that we discovered the single app. Last week when a person walked into a meeting, three of us turned our iPads with the same app showing: Star Walk. There are other popular Star applications, GSkyWatch is a big hit too… not sure why Star Walk is so popular around the office than others, but it is.

Starting the app reminds you right off what your going to be looking up in the sky at:

Closing this window (lower right corner close ‘x’) takes you right into what the view outside is… sun and all if it’s daytime:

Spin around, up and down, and the views change to match what is the view in the sky from where you are in the world. Tapping the lower right corner brings up a list of icons to change your views, ID where you are, take a pictures of your screen and more. Expanded here is the tools where you can set how much info will be showing, if you want background music and if you want to view in the night mode (easy on the eyes when you use the app outside against the actual sky.

Here is that ‘night’ view:

For finer detail on what your seeing, their common and listed names, there is access to that too. No, we never have time to demo all of these screens when someone stops us in a meeting. Rarely you will get past the view of the sky and one turn to see what is in the sky. Unless you have a telescope owner in the crowd, don’t let them get their hands on your iPad, they wont give it back!!

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