When iPad Stands Start Getting Creative

Early on with the iPad, we all went out and got a variety of picture frame stands and they have worked well. Most are very nice as they fold small when not in use but they have a tendancy to not be very rigid, as well they move around a bit.

Griffin Tech has offered the A-Frame Multi-position Tabletop Stand for iPad which looks like our frame holders but much more robust. The stand folds down small to free up desk space when not in use. When looking at it though, you know exactly what it is.

Last week, Griffin Technology released a new iPad stand they are calling the ‘Loop‘. One look at it and you will see the name describes it’s look, but it sure doesn’t look like the normal frame holder we are used to.

The ‘Loop‘ is actually a stand that allows you to change the viewing position of your iPad without the need to mess with the stand. Stand adjustments are usually two hand processes that require you put your iPad somewhere else as you get things turned and twisted.



Lastly, there is room to run your charge/sync cable under the back so you can have your iPad plugged in. Since this stand isn’t a rigid dock, you are not locked into a set location of the plug but you do end up with a cable out in the open when you view in Landscape mode. We have that now without all of the other Loop features so that isn’t a negative for us.

We have several on order, watch for our review here after we live with them for a bit so we can give you the low down from a real life view. From the above images, it looks like a natural for around the house!

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