Photos are becoming important on the iPad

Throughout this week, we will be covering how getting and managing photos on our iPad is becoming more and more important. Today, a quick overview of how we are getting the images there to work with. Then we will be going over how we tune our photos and finally how they are being used in our day to day Business needs.

Like our Documents for meetings, photos that are sitting on a desktop or notebook computer can be moved to and from the iPad via DropBox… or now too. From a desktop, photos in either cloud service can be reached via their iPad app or many of the photo editing options.

Getting pictures directly off of a camera requires the use of the Apple Camera Connection Kit. We have had mixed luck at getting our hands on these. Online orders get shipped sporadically and sometimes you can get lucky to find them in stock at your local Apple Store.

The kit contains two adapters, one for USB and the other for SD cards. The USB will work with most cameras that you have a out via USB option. This is the slowest method to move the photos and will have a impact on the battery charge on both the iPad and camera. Both connectors use the dock plug on the bottom of the iPad.

Connecting either to a iPad that is off will do nothing. If you have your iPad on and connect one of the adapters, the app will exit and the Camera Roll will open. There will be an additional tab: Camera. It will take a little time for the image thumbnails to load. Two new buttons will appear on the screen; a red ‘Delete all’ in the upper left corner and a blue ‘Import all’. You can import one image by tapping it, which changes the ‘Import all’ to ‘Import’.

We were seeing 150 3 meg photos taking 3 minutes to move. After importing you have the option to delete the originals from the camera or SD card.

The images on the iPad will be the maximum resolution. If you choose to share the photos out via email, you will be able to choose the size. We have found that the maximum size allowed to email is sometimes smaller than the actual size of the image. To email the absolute full size and original image type, copy/paste the image from the photo area into the email.

When you sync your iPad with your desktop, the images will sync across. The iPad is slow with photo syncing so when you have a lot of photos on the iPad that are not in iPhoto it can take some time.

You have the images in the iPad… next, why that is important these days.