A new iPad stylus is out and it is soooo nice!

As you may have read here in the past, we use our iPads a lot for writing on. Taking short and long notes alike, we need to use a stylus for the precision and form factor of ‘writing’. After testing many options, Pogo has been a hit amongst both the handwriting and the drawing crowd.

Then, we started seeing a bunch of chatter on the social sites about a new stylus from Griffin. Early stylus devices had a rubber tip that grabbed and bounced on the screen. Pogo has a plastic mesh that works well but does have a tendency to start to bend after a few months giving it a wobbly feeling as you write. Griffin’s new stylus has gone back to a solid rubber like material that is being reported as very smooth to write with. It is also round so it moves like a finger tip equally well if you use it right or left handed.

So far, the pocket clip is proving to be pretty strong too, a issue we have had with other styluses as they break to0 early on. Lastly, these Griffin writing devices include a hole in the top area so you can loop connect your stylus to your iPad case.

Can you tell, we’re pretty excited about our new writing option? We’ll put together a few screen shots of our handwriting and drawing iPad pad entries between the different options when we see if the new option just feels better to use or if we find the output to get better too.

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