Post to Twitter, Facebook and Blogs with Twittelator for iPad

Twittelator for the iPad has been updated with many features, the top of the list for us is the ability to create a single Twitter post that also goes out to a blog and Facebook.

Updated also is the URL shortner, the Image storage and Twittelator is now ready for the new level of login security.

New in Version 1.4

– Option to post to Facebook Wall (Settings, Services, Facebook)
– Ready for the Bitpocalypse
– Lists load up to 200 tweets
– Profile shows Verified and Protected accounts
– Shows how many lists follow you in Lists popover
– Your RT’s show up in Retweets By Me correctly
– Plixi (formerly known as TweetPhoto) photos upload
– plixi and photos displayed inline
– Links with target=_blank open now in web view
– Custom accounts working again

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