When you want to get serious about protecting your iPad investment…

We have had a lot of different cases through our office for our iPads. Some we just test and let you know about, others continue to get used (FYI – we buy all of our review items, no iPad accessories are provided to us for review free of charge). There are cases that look nice, some look more professional than others, some make the iPad look like other things… then there is the OtterBox Defender iProtection case .

Many of us use the Griffin Survivor case on our iPhones when we travel because it completely removes the concern of stupid damage. Looking over the iProtection, Otter Box is providing a solution for the iPad (iPad2 and the New iPad models) where we can move about with almost zero concern that our iPads will meet with disaster results from a bang or drop.

Similar to the iPhone case, the iProtection iPad case is multi layers. It wraps the iPad in a hard case, then with internal cushioning there is an outer case. Think of the whole thing as a impact absorption zoned case. There of course has to be a size  and weight increase, but it isn’t as much as you might assume when you think about the level of protection.

 Looking over the case information, the Otter Box folks have done some very nice work in the area of covering buttons and connectors while still giving us access and control when we need it. Yes, the camera has it’s own protected opening too so no photo opportunities will be missed.

Since we are just hearing about the iProtection Defender case , we have yet to get our hands on it, but several are ordered. With the iPhone Survivor case, we launched our test iPhones across the room and down several flights of stairs… not sure if we will be doing that with our iPads to test this case, really depends on how a mood hits a coworker. Of course we will report here with photos if they do take the challenge.


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