TiltShift for iPad updated – faster work with big pictures

TiltShift is an effect we have mentioned we use from time to time to make a image take a unique ‘miniturized’ look. By keeping an area ‘in focus’ and blurring the surrounding area, a viewer’s mind fills in that they must be looking at a little screen of toys in toyland.

Most often for us, we use the TiltShift app (Universal) to create a mood for Power Point slides or create more of a separation across an image.

For night photos of buildings, the tool will allow for the lights of the building and the glow to appear more dramatic by those parts being in focus and the area around them blurred. The blur is less noticeable as being actually out of focus due to the night darkness.

Below is an image that we used for a quick slide when we were talking about the narrow path to customers have to finding our client’s products. The bike left alone with the crowd mingling in the background. The car is moving away from the crowd and blurred out as a client base that isn’t really theirs to worry about.

We included this image just for reference… notice the size of the TiltShift ‘in focus’ area has to allow for a blur edge. We see a lot of new users keeping the circle too tight around just the reference area and then later wondering why some of the drama is missing.

The overview of the changes in the update (the speed difference and increase of image sizes is nice to see):

– EXIF data (including geotags) are now preserved on iOS 4.1 when saved with TiltShift. Photos directly taken with TiltShift will not contain geotags so if you want geo tags please take the photos with the Camera App first and then modify them with TiltShift.
– All parameters can be reset at once to the default setting by a tap-and-hold on the indicator button to the left of the slider. Shaking the iPhone or iPod Touch will also reset all parameters.
– Adjusting the focus is now more responsive.
– Lens blur is now up to twice as fast especially on the iPad and the 3rd and 4th generation iPhone and iPod Touch.
– The maximum size of saved photos on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation) and now also on the iPad is now 5 megapixels. For older devices the maximum is 2 megapixels.